Fun at Disneyland

Fun at Disneyland

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hanging in there

Things are going fairly smoothly lately. No major rages in about 2 weeks. Blake is still really obsessing on Pokemon (on his Nintendo DS), but has done well with me setting a limit of 2-1/2 hrs./day. Which even looking at that number, seems like WAY too much. But the thing is, I can see that it helps him cope and channel excess energy, so I compromise.

Blake has done his first day of testing at UCLA and goes in on Monday the 13th for the other half. He is being a really good sport about it and we've had fun driving the 405 in bumper to bumper traffic. We actually have! I put on some music, we put the windows down and cruise (at 15 mph, but still!). It's been nice having it be just he and I. We don't get to do that enough. We were talking about the students at UCLA and Blake informed me that going to UCLA was his dream. He could do it too. I know he could. He has his challenges, and they can be huge at times, but he has so many amazing gifts as well. I pray that his challenges don't hold him back from his dreams and most days, I feel optimistic about his future.

Blake had a major accomplishment today. At a school performance, (with lots of students and parents watching) Blake played three songs on his trombone with the school's elementary band - made up of 6 kids. He did so well! He says he wasn't even nervous, which is surprising. He has had issues in the past with performing in front of a lot of people. Though, I believe that was when he was on the stimulants and they all gave him all sorts of anxiety. Anyhow, today he did so great and he also smiled a lot which is the best thing in the world to see.

James has his first OT therapy tomorrow. I hope she is good at motivating resistant kids because when James gets frustrated, he is D-O-N-E and I've found that if I push, he gets very angry and emotional. So, fingers crossed she's a good one!

I am enjoying the last days of having the boys in school. Even though I am busy running to and from near daily appointments of various doctors and therapists, it's still manageable with only one of the boys and the baby. But when it's the 3 of them, the boys get each other going, get loud, get rambunctious and silly, bug the baby, fight with one another....

Oh summer. Must you come so soon?

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  1. I'm glad to hear that Blake is getting tested. Hopefully, that will help lessen the confusion a bit (knowing what is happening with him).