Fun at Disneyland

Fun at Disneyland

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On a Mission

Sorry…Not a ton of time, so this is the condensed version (Geez! This is condensed?)
Another rough day…
Dentist for James. He got 2 crowns and was so bothered by the Novocain that he cried on and off for 2 straight hours afterwards. I told him that I *had* to get gifts wrapped today to ship out for Christmas. He had to just be tough. I am truly running out of time with so much to do and I’m still playing catch-up from him being sick last week. But still, I felt major mommy guilt.
After school, Blake wanted to play video games (hmmm, that again???) He got mad, he wanted to play football; Dad said “No diving on the couch if you play football” Blake argued that he needed to dive on the couch and again, got mad, then it was time for dinner, he didn’t want my spaghetti, we told him to go to his room and he said NO! He’d just run away when we’d go to help escort him there. Seems like the temper tantrums are really increasing in frequency for sure. I am both looking forward to taking him off meds on Friday and also dreading it. I just need to stay calm. Sure…no problem. Can I have a side of some valium with that please?
I talked to a local crisis response team and they put me in touch with some resources that I’m going to check out. I would ideally like a behavioral therapist to come into our home and work with my son *and* our family. I would also like an occupational therapist to come in and help with Blake’s sensory seeking behavior, oversensitivity’s to brushing teeth, hair, etc, and also to help with his lagging fine motor skills. I am on a mission and I am going to get Blake the help he needs and we need. I won’t stop until I do.

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